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Preparing your home of an Open House

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Posted 07 May 2011 - 03:25 PM

I came across this article which provides great tips on preparing your home for an open house..

If you're in the process of selling your home and are working with a real estate professional, holding an Open House is one of the things he or she may suggest as part of their marketing plan.

Most of the time, an Open House is held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

It provides an opportunity for interested buyers to visit your home informally to determine whether they would like to return for a private showing.

Sometimes, your real estate professional may wish to hold a separate Open House just for other real estate professionals, to see if it meets the needs and wants of any of the buyers that they are working with.

An Open House is a great way to generate a lot of interest in your home - but only if it's perfectly prepared to be shown off.
Most of the prep work should already be done by the time your house goes on the market.

That includes a serious deep cleaning, as well as any needed paint touch-ups and minor repairs.

There should be no burned-out light bulbs, missing drawer knobs or dust bunnies lurking in corners to distract would-be buyers from your home's assets.

Aside from ensuring the cleanest house possible, here are some other simple ways to make your home look and feel inviting:

Bake cookies on the morning of the Open House to leave a lingering pleasant aroma.

Avoid cooking foods with strong or unpleasant odours in the days leading up to the Open House.

Be "scent sensitive" when it comes to air fresheners. Many people have scent allergies and find strong perfume smells overwhelming. When it doubt - toss it out.

Remove small appliances and personal items from the countertops to show off the space.

Sweep the walkway and welcome mat and trim shrubs and trees.

Rake up any leaves and put away outdoor toys and bikes.

Put fresh towels in the bathrooms and kitchen.

If it's rainy or muddy outside on the day of the Open House, designate a place for people to leave their shoes and umbrellas so they don't track mud or water into your house.

It's also a good idea to put away anything you don't want visitors to see or touch. [/b]Obviously, this includes jewelry, money, personal electronic devices and so forth, but you should also pack away fragile decorative items that could be in danger of being broken or soiled.

This keeps clutter to a minimum and also prevents accidental breakages that can be upsetting for you and for potential buyers.

Finally, it is [b]recommended that all family members be away from the home
during the Open House.

Your real estate professional will supervise Open House visitors and escort them through your home.

While you may be interested in who comes to the Open House and what they say about your home, your presence can be awkward for potential buyers.

They need to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and if you're still there, that can be tricky.

Open Houses need not be intimidating for the home seller. Your real estate professional will have many more great tips for making your home look its very best before those doors are opened to potential buyers.