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service plan

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Posted 18 May 2011 - 03:10 PM

our assignment today was to write a service plan. I am really worried I am not doing this right. Not a lot of information was given and our instructor was pretty vague on what was needed

Here is the situation:
Mother comes to agency requesting her 2 yr old daughter be put on meds. She say she is out of control getting into everything like cupboard and drawers, putting things in her mouth and not listening. Mother admits to "smacking and yelling at her" but this does not work. Mother quit school and had daughter at 17, she is on welfare and has no real support system

here is what I have:

The client came voluntarily to the agency and seems motivated in helping her 2 year old daughter Ardella with what she views as a behavior issue. Client has few resources to help with her daughter. She is on welfare and cannot afford childcare so relies heavily on the grandmother to provide alternative care for her daughter when she needs time to herself. Client stated that she dropped out of high school before the birth of her daughter at 17 so education is limited. Ardella’s father is in jail and his family does not wish to be a part of Ardella’s life. Client views a behavior issue with Ardella saying that “she won’t listen” and gets into things such as drawers and cupboards as well as putting things in her mouth. Ardella’s mother admits to using physical punishment as a way to stop the behavior but says that yelling at her and smacking her does not work. She is requesting medication.
The issue seems to be poor parenting education on the part of Ardella’s mother. Medication does not seem to be a necessity. The behaviors she describes are those typical of a 2 year old child. Ardella’s mother seems to be isolated from her peers since she left school. She does not seem to have much support or connections with others in her situation. Client may present some resistance when being told what needs to be done as she stated she left school because she didn’t like “all the stuff they made her do”. Services may need to be put in place is small steps so client does not feel overwhelmed.
A referral to Children’s First Triple P Program is recommended to help client manage typical 2 year old behaviors. In the mean time setting client up with an Ontario Early Years centre in her area to put her in connection with other parents of young children. A referral to Children’s Aid Society may also be beneficial in helping client one on one with toddler behaviors and proper punishment steps. Speaking with client’s caseworker at social services is also recommended in order to acquire her bus pass to help with travel to and from said programs.
A follow up meeting 3 months from beginning of program is recommend to update on progress made as well as possibly discussing further education for Ardella’s mother.

Just wanted someone else's view point....am I headed in the right direction or am I totally off? ugh wish we had an example to look at first

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 05:15 PM

Sounds good maybe just add in to talk to the ECEs at th OECY while she is waiting for these services to become avaliable to her