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Bake Sale Sign Up List ~ September 13th at WFCU Centre

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Posted 19 August 2014 - 02:20 PM

The Mom2Mom Sale will be on September 13th at the WFCU Centre at 8787 McHugh St. in Windsor.


I want to start this off by once again Thanking everyone who has donated in the past … Thank You for making my job so much easier by bringing what you signed up to bring and by helping me out and pre-packing your donations.


This year’s Bake Sale will pretty much be the same as it always has been. But as a reminder, each donation has a REQUESTED quantity. You are asked to donate the requested quantity to obtain admission to the Pre-Sale.  The reason for a “requested” quantity is that this allows me to better prepare the Bake Sale.  However, if your recipe quantity is not the same as the quantity requested, I am more than willing to work with anyone.  Just ask.


When you make a donation, you will receive 1 (ONE) admission to the Pre-Sale, thereby allowing you to shop the Mom2Mom sale before anyone else.  If you have friends and family who would like to attend, they will also be asked to make a donation for their ONE admission. When you are responding for / with family and friends, you WILL need to include their name and what they are bringing. Please Note that Children who are attending do not require a “donation” and are FREE to enter the Sale.


The Pre-Sale is from 9:00am – 10:30am the morning of the sale. At 10:30am, the General Public is admitted to the Mom2Mom Sale


This was confusing last time. All I am asking is that you PLEASE DO NOT TELL me what you are bringing. Some of the categories MAY be filled and I just haven't refreshed the List, so by telling me what you are going to bring starts things off awkwardly. So all I am asking for is some courtesy.


PLEASE DO NOT e-mail that you are just going to bring “something” ~ ~ at least put down cookies, brownies, or another item.  I need to make sure that we do not have 50 bags of oatmeal cookies, but only 10 bags of chocolate chip.  I will understand if you need to think a little bit about “what type” of cookie you want to make, but I will need to know as soon as you can the type.  Also, if you sign up to bring loaves, let me know the size AND flavor you will bring.  If you cannot think of anything to donate, I have quite a few recipes that I can pass along to you for ideas.  So, if you need an idea, just let me know.


Remember ~ "something" is kind of hard to sell ! ! ! 


As a heads up … I do not have internet access at my home or on my phone. I use the computers at the Library every day. So I will respond to your e-mail, I just need you to be patient.


I have found that some items do not sell very well at the Bake Sale and should you happen to sign up for one of those items, I will contact you via PM/e-mail and let you know that you will need to select something else to donate.  Do not take this personal, but certain items just do not sell very well. Also, if a category has become "Full" I will let you know right away, so you can pick another item from the List. Again, I will work with you on finding something you can donate.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  • Cupcakes = Regular = 2 dozen requested
  • Loaves = 3 large or 6 small requested ~ Pumpkin ~ Banana ~ Other
  • Brownies = 3 dozen requested
  • Rice Crispy Treats = 3 dozen requested
  • Cookies = 3 dozen requested ~ Suggested Type of Cookies: ~ Peanut Butter ~ Chocolate Chip ~ Oatmeal ~ Sugar ~ Macaroons ~ Ginger Snaps ~ Snickerdoodles ~ Other Type of Drop Cookies
  • Other
  • Peanut Butter Balls or Bars = Quantity to be determined
  • Bar Style Treats = Magic Bars, Hello Dollies, M&M Bars, etc. = 3 dozen requested

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I usually provide the Packaging Directions with the Reminder E-mail, but lately people ask me the minute they sign up. So, here is a list of preferred packaging directions.  If there is going to be a problem with Packaging your Donation, please let me know as soon as you possibly can. I am driving from Green Bay, Wisconsin to run the Bake Sale and will need to pack the necessary items to package your donation.


Packaging Directions

* Package cookies 6 to a bag. Please label each package of cookies as to their type.  I receive so many cookies during drop off it is hard to remember which is what.

* For bars, please cut them to approximately 2 inches x 2 inches. If you could, do not make your squares any bigger/smaller than this, as the prices are based on 2x2 size. Label and Wrap your squares in clear wrap; however, on those items with frosting, wrapping is not required.

* Cupcakes do not need to be wrapped, as I will be bringing the restaurant type to-go boxes ~ this way the frosting isn't messed up.


PLEASE do not bring your donation to the PreSale using a tray that you would like returned. I will NOT be held responsible for its return.


Final Thought - - If you have any problems, issues, or concerns with the above, send me an Message and we will address your concerns together.


Thanks again for your donation and remember:  ALL the proceeds from the Bake Sale go directly to support Mom2Mom activities/website ! ! !



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Posted 07 September 2014 - 12:52 PM

TECHNICALLY .... The Bake Sale is FULL ! ! ! :awsome



However, that doesn't mean that I cannot find a spot for something to be donated.  SO, if you or someone you know would like to make a donation to enter the Pre-Sale, just send me a Personal Message OR post it here.


Thanks everyone ~ ~ ~   :heart

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Posted 07 September 2014 - 03:14 PM

That is great news!! Thank you to everyone who will be donating to the bake sale!!