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Guidelines for Anonymous Posts

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Posted 23 September 2007 - 06:23 PM

I am just going to copy these guidelines here from the Welcome Forum so that all new members are aware of it. Thanks!

To use the anonymous feature, logout and login again under:
username: anon
password: anon
Then post wherever you need and logout once you are done.

The post will be read by a forum moderator FIRST before being posted online. If it doesn't violate any of our rules, it will be posted.


We do not allow anyone to create membership solely for the purpose of remaining anonymous. Any posts created by "anonymous members" will be immediately deleted regardless of content. If this behavior is repeated after 1 warning, the member involved will be immediately banned from the website.

Anonymous postings can ONLY be used when there are valid reasons to remain anonymous, e.g. personal questions that are difficult to ask and where you do not wish to be known. Good examples are if asking questions about your husband and you do not wish marital problems to be public knowledge or if you are struggling with depression and feel embarrassed and do not wish to be known.

You are NOT allowed any anonymous postings when posting opinions. If you wish to post an opinion, have the courage to stand behind it. If you are posting an opinion and don't dare to stand behind it, it is probably not welcome here anyway. Remember that we do not allow personal insults. This is possibly different from other websites, but Mom2Mom's goal is to be a supportive, encouraging, friendly website. If you do not support these goals, you should probably join a different website.

We have to be very strict about this in order to prevent abuses and to ensure that Mom2Mom remains what we created it to be: a friendly, supportive website for parents in our community. Mom2Mom's Admin and volunteers all work incredibly hard to create this to benefit YOU..so please abide by our rules and guidelines and support us just as we support you.

Finally, if you spot any violations of our guidelines, please notify a moderator immediately so we can deal with it.

Thank you,
Mom2Mom Admin