About Us - "A Free Service to the Community!"

Welcome to the home on the web for parents in Windsor and Essex County. We are so glad that you have decided to join us as we create this exciting online community where you have plenty of oppportunities to meet face to face with the hearts and souls behind the letters on your screen.

Mom2Mom is a local grassroots organization dedicated to connecting parents in Windsor & Essex County with valuable resources and services. Created by parents in March 2003, Mom2Mom has become a major force in Windsor & Essex County delivering essential support, advice, and assistance to local families through its free services. We currently attract over 40,000 visits and over 7 million hits per month on the website, just from local families.

Mom2Mom has traditionally utilized its website to draw local parents together into a community environment to share support and advice. Frequent meetings are also organized "in real life" to help develop these online relationships. Each year, Mom2Mom organizes multiple free events for local families in our community. Furthermore, Mom2Mom helps parents discover the multiple local resources that are available through our Community Resources section.

Connecting with other parents and resources has provided local families with valuable support networks and further developed the sense of community in Windsor & Essex County. In these modern days when neighbors are increasingly disconnected with each other, Mom2Mom provides a valuable service in drawing the community closer together.

Now alittle history on the founders of Mom2Mom by Elaine & William Jun
I've been asked many times why my husband (who is a Registered Nurse) and I created Mom2Mom.ca, this online community for parents. We wanted an online resource for parents in the local community to be an encouraging, supportive and helpful website! So, let's recreate some history about us...

I had been living in Windsor for just 3 years when I had my first child. I didn't know very many other parents in the community. When I first became a parent, I began spending a lot of time on various online parenting communities and found other moms to be valuable sources of comfort, advice, and support in my exciting venture into parenthood. Best of all, online communities could be tapped into 24 hours of the day, a great thing since my baby never seemed to sleep at night! However, there was one big drawback....it was highly unlikely that I would ever get a chance to meet any of my new-found friends face-to-face!

At the same time this was going on, I was trying to meet other flesh and blood moms in my local community...and discovered that they seemed to be almost impossible to find! The "books" said to head out to my local playground and I would surely meet other moms like me. So, I faithfully visited the playground...and found it mostly empty except for older kids. Plus, it was not much fun to head out to the playground when it was -10 degrees outside (and of course, I felt sorry for my poor daughter who got dragged around). So, I thought there had to be a better way since I was sure there had to be other moms in the same boat I was in.

At any rate, I started asking around and looking around and found...nothing (of course, it didn't help that I didn't have a car at the time and so was pretty much housebound unless something was within walking distance). Anyway, I expanded my search online and found...nothing. There were so few places a mom with a newborn baby could go to. I called the local library....but their programs were tailored to babies 6 months and up. I called the health unit...and while they DID have programs for new moms, it was impossible for me to get there. To cut a long story short, I finally bumped into a mom online who happened to live in Windsor as well and she told me about a drop-in centre nearby my home where I could take my baby. I was so excited!! Finally, somewhere to go! I only wished that I had heard about places like this when my baby was much younger.

A website like this that would connect moms in Windsor and Essex County was definitely LONG overdue. And so, here it is....a website for parents to meet other parents. We organize Mom2Mom Get2Gethers so that we ware able to meet face-to-face. This website will also connect you to the various resources available to parents in Windsor and Essex County. I hope that you will help me expand our list of resources available by letting me know what is going on in YOUR community. This website also features an exciting Classifieds section that has been such a success that it has been expanded to LookupWindsor.com, an area where EVERYONE in the community can buy and sell for FREE!

We also hold Mom2Mom Sales in Windsor where you are able to get fantastic bargains on gently used babies' and kids' stuff. Moms wishing to sell their stuff can rent tables at the Sale while moms wishing to get great bargains will find an enormous indoor yard sale devoted just for goods related to babies and kids. The original founders of the Mom2Momlist.com website (which lists M2M Sales that are flourishing all over SouthEastern Michigan) have graciously lent their support to the creation of this website in the hopes that Mom2Mom Sales will flourish on this side of the border too. And they have! The response from the community has been nothing short of incredible. If you have never been to a Mom2Mom Sale, its time for you to go. We promise...it will be like nothing else in Windsor!

Check our website for the times and dates of upcoming Mom2Mom Sales right here in the community.

Happy surfing & GOD BLESS!
Lisa & Steve

our daughters
Whitney, Chelsea & Tiffani