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Mom2Mom - Non-Profit Vendors Rules/Info

There is not a charge for non-profit community service agencies/organizations to participate in our event. Space is limited and will be given on a first come first served basis.


-All information will be provided through e-mail
-Your space is to be occupied by only the organization that it is registered to
-Promotions and/or advertisements for businesses other than the registered organization is strictly prohibited
-All items and promotions must be kept within your assigned space. You will be asked to remove any items extending into the aisle ways
-Sales/samples of prepared food items is not allowed at this event unless approved in advance
-Vendors are responsible for removing all unsold items and empty cardboard boxes at the end of the sale.
-You may NOT attach anything to walls, floors, doors etc of the venue, this includes using tape, nails, screws etc. You are responsible for any damages done to your space.


Exhibitor agrees to allow the use of their name and/or logo in any marketing and advertising of this event. will make a best effort to accommodate exhibitors’ special requests but reserves the right to change the location assignments at any time prior to the exhibition dates as deemed necessary. retains the right to exclude or require modifications of any display or demonstration that, at the discretion of, it considers unsuitable to the character of the event. All exhibits and display materials may be subject to approval by This agreement does not constitute a partnership, employer-employee relationship, joint venture, or agency between and exhibitor. The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibilities and liability for losses, damages and claims arising out of injury or damage to exhibitors’ displays, equipment and other property brought onto the premises of the venue and shall indemnify and hold harmless, its sponsors, its owners, its employees, and its volunteers from any and all such losses, damages and claims. By accepting the terms of this contract the exhibitor has read and understands all of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and hereby executes this contract authorizing to begin preparations with regards to the event on the Exhibitor’s behalf and acknowledges receipt of this agreement.

**WARNING** Unloading your car in a fire lane may get you at ticket.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information regarding the Mom2Mom sale please email us at prior to the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly the day of the sale.