Mom2Mom Sale - Resale Setup Info

Set up information for the Mom2Mom sale is below, please read all instructions carefully and contact us prior to the sale if you have any questions.

Mom2Mom Sale
WFCU Centre
8787 McHugh, Windsor
Presale begins at 9:00 am for vendors, volunteers and pass holders
Doors open to the public at 10:30am-2:00pm

Help to Promote the Sale

For flyers or posters please email us at

**Please CLICK HERE for a map**

Vendor Set Up

-Set up begins at 8:00am on the morning of the sale
-Enter through the COMMUNITY CENTRE entrance and sign in before you unload your items
-Your space number will be assigned the morning of the sale
-Upon sign in you will be directed to the entrance nearest to your space for unloading
-Multiple tables/spaces rentals will receive one space number for all spaces combined
-All items must be unloaded and at your table no later than 10:00am, loading doors will be locked at that time
-There is a limit of 2 sellers per space, we will make exceptions if you have rented multiple spaces (at our discretion)
**All sellers must wear name tags issued at the sign in table during the sale.**

General Information

-All items must be kept within your assigned space
-Familiarize yourself with exits nearest your table in case of emergency
-Sorry we cannot supply change
-Please bring home all unsold items and empty boxes at the end of the sale and leave your space in the condition in which is was found. Anyone not following this rule will be excluded from future sales.
-The Pregnancy Resource Centre will be on hand after the sale to take donations, if you have gently used items that you would like to donate please bring them to the drop off point after the sale
-If you plan on reducing your prices near the end of the sale we recommend bringing premade signs to post so that shoppers will know what your discount is
-You have rented a resale table/space and may NOT display or hand out commercial (retail) products, new handmade/handcrafted products or sell food at your table.
-You may NOT attach anything to walls, floors, doors etc of the venue, this includes using tape, nails, screws etc. You are responsible for any damages done to your space.

**WARNING** Unloading your car in a fire lane may get you at ticket

For seller tips please visit

**IMPORTANT** Are Your Items Safe for Resale

Car seats manufactured before Jan 2012 cannot be sold at this sale. Anyone selling seats manufactured before Jan 2012 will be asked to remove them, this includes travel systems.
Due to recent changes in the Health Canada's Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, we will not allow car seats manufactured before Jan 1, 2012 to be sold at our sales. Please visit Health Canada and Transport Canada for more information, click here. (see "do I need to replace my car seat section")
Please do not sell items that are broken or missing pieces, remember that you are responsible for items sold at your booth.

We highly recommend that you check your items are safe for resale by visiting
Contact Consumer Product Safety, Health Canada: 1-866-662-0666
e-mail, or visit
To check for consumer product recalls posted by Health Canada:

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information regarding the Mom2Mom sale please email us at prior to the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly the day of the sale.